Fresh look, same Buddywise

The last few months have included some exciting new developments for us at Buddywise. We’ve taken some big steps forward: expanding our team, acquiring new customers, and securing a fresh round of investment. After all this growth, we started thinking about how we communicate our values to the world. We want to make sure that the same pillars of simplicity, innovation, and people-centered design that guide our decisions internally show up in our brand. That’s why after hitting some major milestones, we decided it was time to give ourselves an update. Say hello to our new website and look.

Our brand new website.

Our approach

At Buddywise, we’re on a mission to play a key role in the safety industry; creating innovative and simple solutions for a complex problem. As anyone who works in health and safety knows, an accident isn’t an isolated issue — it’s the result of an accumulation of unsafe situations that are often imperceptible to the human eye. We believe that the greatest opportunity for preventing accidents before they happen is capturing these early indicators and intelligently responding to them.

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated.

Simple is safer

It’s not enough to detect potential accidents. There’s a lot of noise in today’s safety systems which can lead to confusing insights or worse — missed alerts.

Respond in real-time with our mobile app.

Simplicity is at the core of our redesign — from the way we communicate our work to our typography to our new mobile app. It’s also part of the reason we believe computer vision is so essential to safety innovation. With our models, we can take a huge amount of complex information and distill it down to clear, actionable insights that help our customers make their work safer.

Our logo is based on our pillars: Observe, Alert, Act

It’s not just B

We wanted our new wordmark to reflect how we think about safety at Buddywise. We use three pillars to guide our approach to stopping accidents before they happen: Observe, Alert, Act. These three principles provide a framework for all of our product decisions so it was only natural that they are also the inspiration for our new logo.

Simplicity & Safety at the core of all of our products

Next Steps

Over the next few months, you’ll start to see us using our new brand to communicate some exciting developments in the works. To stay in the loop you can follow us here or on LinkedIn. As always, if you think that our solution might be a good fit for your team or company we’d love to hear from you.



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Buddywise is a start-up hell bent on saving lives and preventing injuries with computer vision!